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About Us


Along with being a licensed customs broker, we can handle your international shipment door to door with ease. Let our expert customs brokers arrange all air freight, sea freight, trucking and obtaining customs clearances from any port. With low international shipping rates and quality service, we make shipping easy.

Whether you are looking to use ICAD to import freight for the first time, or import on a regular schedule, our experienced customs brokers will make sure your freight is delivered on time in the most cost effective manner possible.
Have you had problems getting your freight cleared by customs?
We specialize in complicated shipments. With many years of experience in the logistics industry we have seen it all and are experts in our field.
Don't let your shipment get held up by paperwork. We will make sure it clears and is delivered as fast as possible with our reliable international shipping service.







ICAD Total Solution

If you want to choose ICAD for the first time or you are planning for a regular import, ICAD Guaranty the most secure, convenient and economical solution using its highly experinced and dedicated staffs. 


Clearance Company ICAD

ICAD Clearance Services

  •   ICAD provides most secure and fast clearance services in most of the Iranian ports, benefiting highly experienced and registred staffs with over two decades  experience in every custom procedures.  


Our services: ICAD provider of transportation and customs clearance services

ICAD services

  •  - Total Customs Clearance Solution
  •  - Total Transportation Solution
  •  - Packing Services
  •  - Brokerage 
  •  - Order Registration